World Tour Championship: Seabrook, Washington USA -- September 11-13th

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"Surf & Send"

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Seabrook Beach, Washington, USA

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To access to the event location by vehicle - Enter the beach at the Roosevelt beach public access Here Make a right turn on the beach and head north on the sand just about a mile to the event location at Seabrook beach.  You will see the event.

The Westcoast Surf Riders and the IFWA are proud to announce a new Motosurf Freeride event for 2020. This event will be held on the beach at a brand new amazing beach town called Seabrook on the central Washington coast of the United States of America. The Seabrook Surf n Send event, presented by Sensi Sci, Westcoast Surf Riders and the IFWA Freeride World Championship Tour will feature the top riders in the world coming from all parts of the globe to compete for their spot on the podium and claim their world titles. Not only is Seabrook Surf and Send 2020 the IFWA World Championships final, it is also the USA National championship final. The national and International champions will be crowned at this event.

If you are a rider or a spectator that enjoys this incredible sport, you do not want to miss this event! With all of the best riders from the USA and from around the world, the display of talent and exciting competition will be pretty insane.
If you are a spectator, this event is free to attend. Grab a chair, some drinks and snacks and make your way down to beach. The competition location is just out in front of the staircase that leads down from Seabrook to the beach. You're gonna want to stay a while. Music will be pumping on the beach and there will be a ton of action in the waves all weekend. We'll have event shirts available for purchase. We will also have food vendors if you get hungry.
Please keep your vehicles off of any shiny wet sand areas and help us protect the clam populations. The weight of a vehicle can kill clams and it's also a pretty huge ticket if the state parks see you driving on the clam beds.

This event location is accessible with any vehicle including RV's Motorhomes and even small sedan type vehicles if you are familiar with driving on the beach. Stay our of the dry, soft sand and you should have no issues. The beach area is very large and there is plenty of room for everyone. Please spread out and do not block any access through the event area. A traffic lane will be clearly marked. Seabrook Washington Seabrook Cottage Rentals is our lodging sponsor and this event would not be possible without their support. They've invited us to be at this location and have been very supportive and helpful in making this event happen. I would encourage you all to make plans to stay in Seabrook in one of their amazing homes. The lodging situation is similar to Blowsion's Surf Slam. There are homes of all sizes available to rent. The best option is to get with a group of people and go in on a house rental as a group to share costs and be within walking distance of the event. Literally all of the homes within the Seabrook boundaries are an easy walk to the beach and the downtown area and the Seabrook town has many amenities for guests including dining options, indoor swimming pool and hot tub, outdoor fire pits, gathering spaces and much much more. Trust me, Seabrook is where you want to be. I will post up all lodging details in one post on this page so ask your questions on that thread once that post is up. In the interest of keeping things easier and just having information in one location, this page will be the primary source of event related information. This page is monitored daily. Check back frequently and feel free to post up any questions and share posts to help us to get the word out. Please take a minute to invite friends that you think would enjoy this event. That would help us out immensely. I have 20% housing discounts in place for you. Please see the Lodging post on this event page for details. I should have housing discount codes in late march and will post them up, so wait for the code before booking if you want the discount.

Local Airport:

Portland International Airport  (PDX) -  This Airport is located about 170 miles from the event location.  This is consistently about a 3 hour drive and rental cars can be picked up and dropped off at the airport.  PDX is a great airport to fly into and there is little to no traffic between the airport and the event location.  I personally prefer to fly into and out of Portland over Seattle.  It's easy, and in general faster than flying in and out of Seattle.


Seatac International Airport (SEA)

Seatac airport is located fairly close to downtown seattle.    Rental cars can be reserved, rented and returned at Seatac.  Distance to the event site is 121 miles.  Drive time can range from 2 hrs 20 minutes to 4 hrs depending on traffic.  Traffic is the worst in the early morning and late afternoon / evening but can happen anytime.

Event Social Page:


The Ocean Crest resort is located just over 2 miles north of the Surf n Send competition event location.  It's and older hotel but located on a high bluff and in a really amazing setting.  The onsite Ocean Crest Restaurant has a amazing food with a great atmosphere overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  This is a good option for those that prefer not to stay in a large home with a group of people.  Book early as this will likely fill up with spectators closer to September.   


The Sandpiper Beach Resort is located very close to the event.  This hotel is also older and very near the town of Seabrook.  The Sandpiper is located between the town of Seabrook and the vehicle beach access.  This is a good option for those that prefer not to stay in a large home with a group of people.  Book early as this will likely fill up with spectators closer to September.  


Ocean Shores - Lodging alternative 15.4 miles from Seabrook (about a 25 minute drive)

If you have any troubles finding last minute accommodations, there is a town nearby called Ocean Shores.  Ocean Shores is a popular beach vacation community and has many large beach front and non beach front hotel and camping options that will always have affordable vacancy.  I only suggest considering this option if there are no other options available at or near the Seabrook event location.  


Camping Options 

There are a lot of options for camping if you don't mind driving a little.  There are many options along the ocean for about 15 miles south of the event along the highway.  

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