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IFWA Rules and Judging

The IFWA tour is back with a fresh restructure to fortify the foundation of the association. Made possible with the collaboration of willing and able people, who are all dedicated to the sport, and the amazing competitive riders. All of which put on one of the worlds most incredible shows in the surf. That being said, the IFWA board has moved forward with many improvements, and incentives for this year’s IFWA Freeride World Championship Tour​ format & structure.

A new points structure has been developed for this year’s IFWA world tour that will eliminate numerous ties and make for a better chase to the championship. This year, all riders will compete in the pre-qualifying rounds on Friday at tour stop. These pre-qualifying results will not only seed riders into the IFWA brackets, but will also help determine final rankings for those not advancing to the ¼ finals round. The overall top 4 IFWA tour riders will compete in the pre qualifying round, but will still be automatically placed in the priority of the brackets. Riders winning the ¼ finals round will advance to the championship round to determine 1st-4th place. Losers from the ¼ finals will move to the consolation rounds to determine 5th-8th . All eliminated riders will be ranked by their prequalifying placement in the round in which they were eliminated. At the conclusion of each tour stop, riders will be ranked 1-20 with overall tour points accrued for each position. See our example of the points breakdown & Bracket examples by clicking the Images below:

Click here or the image above to view the

2018 IFWA Rulebook:   

Thank you for your patience and support, we look forward to

a great year on the 2018 IFWA Freeride World Championship Tour!

-CarolAnne Giustina

IFWA World Tour Director

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